Introducing the Plagiarism Checker app for the Semrush App Center

A screenshot of Plagiarism Checker app in the Semrush App Center

We are pleased to announce the release of our first application, Plagiarism Checker. Designed for content writers, editors, and content marketers, the Plagiarism Checker app is an indispensable tool for verifying content authenticity in the age of generative AI.

Whether you work with external writers or have an internal content team, it’s important that your content is original, trustworthy, and in line with your brand’s tone. Checking whether an article is original or written by an AI bot is simpler than ever, thanks to Plagiarism Checker. Plus, it helps identify if there are any grammar and readability issues to be fixed.

Why use the Plagiarism Checker app?

Keep your content original and plagiarism-free

When you work with in-house or freelance writers, you can never be sure how original their content is. Even the best writers make mistakes and may forget to credit someone else’s work. This is where Plagiarism Checker comes in handy. It allows you to quickly assess the piece for plagiarism, even if it was unintentional.

Ensure your content is authentic and fact-checked

There’s nothing wrong with using AI writing tools these days. That’s true, especially if you’re just starting your copywriting career or working with entry-level writers. However, we can’t rely on them 100% and blindly copy the content they generate because it can be inaccurate and off-key. This is the reason a human writer needs to proofread AI-generated content. Plagiarism Checker is here to help you detect any unproofread AI writing, so you can go back and edit it right away.

Fix grammar and improve readability 

There’s nothing sadder than a piece of content that’s hard to read and full of errors. Not only is it painful to read, but it says a lot about the company and can greatly affect its reputation. To make sure your customers actually read your content, it’s important to create easy-to-read, engaging, and, of course, error-free content. With Plagiarism Checker, you can be sure you’ve checked all those boxes.

The Plagiarism Checker app is available in the Semrush App Center. To try it out, simply paste the text you want to scan and hit the “Check” button to get your plagiarism report.

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