Unlock the potential of your website with Website Checker! Now available on the Semrush App Center

A screenshot of Website Checker app in the Semrush App Center

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our new app, Website Checker. Based on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Website Checker is an essential tool for marketing and SEO professionals who want to make sure their website checks all the boxes when it comes to performance, SEO, and accessibility.

The quality of your website has a direct impact on your business. To keep your customers coming back, it needs more than a modern, sleek design, compelling content, and eye-catching visuals. It also needs to be fast, responsive, and easy to navigate so that people who visit your site want to stay, browse, and eventually make that purchase, sign up for that trial, or fill out that contact form.

“But I’m not a technical person, and I don’t know how to do that,” you might say. And to that, we respond: You don’t have to be. We designed Website Checker with you, the marketing and SEO professional, in mind. With it, you can quickly check if your website is hitting all the performance benchmarks and report any issues to your technical team.

With Website Checker, you can:

Optimize website performance 

In other words, it’ll tell you if your site is fast enough on both desktop and mobile devices and what factors may be slowing it down, so you can send this information to your web developer to investigate.

Improve the accessibility of your website 

The Website Checker checks for factors such as intuitive navigation, rich alt text for images, and optimal color contrast. All that to ensure that your website is inclusive for all types of users.

Improve your search engine rankings 

Whether you’re an experienced SEO or just starting out, Website Checker will analyze how SEO-friendly your site is and show you what’s missing. Website optimization doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’re here to help.

To try Website Checker, go to the Semrush App Center and enter your website URL to start optimizing your website.

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