Boost your sender’s reputation with the Email Verifier app

A screenshot of the Email Verifier app from the Semrush App Center

Another month, another app! We’re excited to announce the release of our new app, Email Verifier. Whether you’re planning a cold outreach campaign or a regular monthly newsletter for your customers, you need to make sure your emails reach the recipients. This may not always be possible if your email list is outdated and unverified. We’ve designed the Email Verifier app to take this burden off your shoulders.

Why use Email Verifier?

Keep your email list up-to-date

Companies rebrand, domains change, people switch jobs, and so do their email addresses. Keep your email lists fresh and ready to go with regular verification.

Reduce bounce rates

Check whether an email address is valid, properly formatted, closed, or inactive to avoid hard bounces caused by typos and invalid or unreachable domains.

Protect your sender’s reputation

Keep your sender’s reputation healthy by regularly reviewing and cleaning your email list to avoid spam traps and recipient complaints.

Cut email marketing costs 

Stop wasting money on useless, inactive, or spoofed email addresses and lists. Verify email addresses to reduce your marketing costs.

Want to check how fresh and valid your recipient emails are? Go to the Semrush App Center, upload your list, and hit “Verify” to learn.

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