Plagiarism Checker Update: Introducing URLs Checking and New Pricing

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Plagiarism Checker, with new URL scanning functionality and new pricing plans for large plagiarism detection projects. Let’s dive in!

URL Checking

With the previous version of Plagiarism Checker, if you wanted to check a piece of writing, you’d have to copy it first and paste it into the tool. While this is a typical workflow for many plagiarism tools out there, we thought it wasn’t always convenient, especially if the content you want to check has already been published.

With the new version, you can go further and check any article or blog post by simply adding its link or links to the application. Plagiarism Checker will then scan each article associated with each link and generate an individual report highlighting the percentage of plagiarism, AI writing, and any grammar or readability issues.

So if you have a lot of articles to check, this will save you a lot of time instead of copying and pasting each one.

New Pricing Plans

The previous version of Plagiarism Checker supported texts up to 6,000 words in length. Of course, this didn’t work for some editorial and content teams that have large volumes of text to check. We’re excited to introduce two new pricing plans to accommodate projects of all sizes.

The new Free plan now supports checking up to 50 texts or 50 links of up to 800 words each per month, which, according to our stats, will be sufficient for the majority of the users. There is no daily limit on how many checks you can perform, as long as each piece of writing meets the criteria. So if you need to check 50 links in one day, you can do so without any limit.

The Paid plan works similarly. The only difference is the number of checks (text or links) you can perform per month—1000 checks—and their length—10,000 words per check.

We hope the new updates will help you streamline your plagiarism detection workflow and ensure that all of your content, published or unpublished, is authentic, accurate, and easy to read. Go and check out the new Plagiarism Checker.