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  • Check for plagiarism

    Verify the originality of your content by comparing it to billions of web pages in seconds.

  • Check for AI writing

    Be sure your content was written by humans, for humans.

  • Check for grammar

    Get grammar improvement suggestions for better readability.

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Plagiarism Checker is the ultimate tool for content editors or marketing managers in need of a plagiarism detector. You can use it to check any outsourced content or academic writing to ensure there’s no unintentional plagiarism in the piece.

This app detects plagiarism, AI-generated content, and grammar issues in any piece of written content. All you have to do is copy and paste your text, a URL or URLs and hit the check button to get your plagiarism report. After the app checks the pasted content, you’ll get a report with the percentage of plagiarized content, the percentage of probable AI content, readability, reading time, and grammar issues.

The Plagiarism Checker app is here to help you:

  • Gain trust by ensuring your content is original
  • Stay credible by avoiding publishing anything completely AI-generated
  • Engage your audience with better readability and grammar

Gain trust

One way to prove you’re trustworthy is through the content you produce. Your content should feel natural and be easy for potential customers to read, so they can learn about your product or service and choose you over your competitors.

Stay credible

Plagiarized, AI-generated, and misspelled content can damage your credibility with potential customers and search engines. Google can penalize and de-rank a site if it detects duplicate content, plagiarized content or AI-generated content.

Stay authentic

Customers are less likely to buy if your content is poorly written or full of errors. Especially as generative AI is growing rapidly, you can make your brand stand out with a more authentic voice.

If your content is graded as potential plagiarism or AI-generated, go back to editing the piece until it is original and presents a unique message to your audience. Ideally, your content should be easy to read, free of grammatical issues, and totally original.

Avoid feeding your audience with uninspired, AI-generated copy and instead make a real connection.

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